Next Is A Bold New iOS Keyboard With Innovative Control Features And More


iOS 8 gave third party developers the opportunity to develop custom keyboards. It has been a productive journey since then as a lot of apps have joined the race. A lot of features have been introduced in the new keyboards which enhance productivity as we know it. However, every now and then a new keyboard app is launched that contributes to many aspects of the keyboard, ranging from improved functionality to visual changes and more. A few keyboard apps such as Fleksy, Swiftkey and Swype are one of the few top names that are a milestone in the category. However, a new keyboard app emerged that has everything that a user wants and more.


The Next Keyboard app took a year to develop and by the looks of it, Tiny Hearts Studio has done a pretty good job. Apart from the standard features in the keyboard, Next has also introduced new innovative controls. It is possibly the best looking keyboard on the App Store.

Let's see what the new Next keyboard has to offer and what sets it apart from other keyboards.

Next Is A Beautifully Designed Keyboard That Lets You Do Everything

One of the most innovative features in the Next keyboard app is a quick cursor swipe. It enables you to swipe the cursor across text using the spacebar of the keyboard. So no need to hassle between words as the operation is very fluid and easy to use. Other than this, Next is pretty good at predicting text. It knows what to say and what words to suggest. On the other hand, next is also working on an update that will enhance its predictive engine.


There are a lot of greys on the stock iOS keyboard and if you want to play with some colors, the Next keyboard provides beautiful themes. The themes are unique with all sorts of colors to enhance your typing experience. The keyboard also possesses an optional 'Show Case' feature that shifts the letters from upper case to lower when you toggle it.


If you ever feel lost in the conversation, Next offers up to 1400 different emojis to choose from. Yes, we know searching the right emoji would take you forever to reply so Next will suggest you the right one as you type. Moreover, the new keyboard app also offers a wide range of playful stickers to keep the conversation going.


The Next keyboard has a restricted access to your personal data so all of your data stays with you. The Next keyboard is a great addition to the list and it is both funky and productive at the same time. It enhances your typing experience and the changes are easy to adapt as well.

You can download the Next keyboard app from the App Store for $3.99. Share your thoughts about this new keyboard in the comments.

Download Next Keyboard from the App Store