Today’s Deal: Mask Your Personal Info Online with Blur Premium Mobile


Blur Premium Mobile offers a unique solution to protect your identity online. Going beyond just using a VPN to ensure your anonymity, Blur Premium Mobile lets you create disposable email addresses, credit card numbers and billing and address info. It does that by masking your original data and inputting encrypted details when you have to make a purchase online. Not only you are in charge of your own data saving you from identity theft, it also helps you easily mask your personal data protecting you from the companies who collect personal data. On top of all that, Blur also works as your trusted desktop and mobile password manager.

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blur premium mobile

50% off Blur Premium Mobile: 2-Yr Subscription

Blur brings you the ultimate online privacy solution by allowing you to create temporary, masked email addresses, credit card numbers, and phone numbers so you’ll never have to give your personal data to online merchants again. Also a password manager for desktop and mobile devices, Blur is a powerful, full-service information protector.

  • Create disposable email addresses
  • Make limited-balance, limited-duration credit card numbers (accepted anywhere credit cards)
  • Create a masked phone number that forwards calls and texts to your real phone number
  • Auto-fill your real encrypted credit card, billing and address info
  • Create, save, encrypt and organize your passwords
  • Keep companies from collecting your personal data
  • Utilize all features on the Android and iOS apps

Get a 2-year subscription to Blur Premium Mobile and save your identity online, now only for $29.