The Witcher 3 Blood And Wine DLC Release Date Was Merely A “Placeholder Date” According To Polish Gaming Site GRYOnline

Recently we reported that notable Polish Gaming site,, had listed the upcoming Blood and Wine DLC for The Witcher 3 with a release date on June 7th.  We now have confirmation from GRYOnline that this date was merely “an estimated date”.

The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine DLC

As posted some days ago, GRYOnline mentioned a worldwide premiere for the Blood and Wine DLC on June 7 – a Tuesday and well within CDPR’s projected release frame for the expansion. Following our article, the listing was removed from their website (we still have it screenshotted however). Additionally, the website also teased that "something is happening" on their Facebook page.

Blood and Wine DLC

Some hours ago we were contacted by GRYOnline editor Verminus, who stated that the date that GRYOnline had set for the expansion, was merely “an estimate date”. Due to the fact that CD Projekt Red has previously stated that the Blood and Wine DLC will be released in the first half of 2016, the 7th of June was used as a placeholder date. According to Verminus, GRYOnline uses a date system which doesn’t allow them to pick a more general date. You can read the full message we received down below.

Hey guys,

I work at, the website that supposedly "leaked" the date. Unfortunately, I have bad news. The date that we set was a placeholder date, because all the official information point to Q2. The 7th of June was just an estimated date.

The way our date system is constructed, we have no option to set a more general date like Q2.

There is no confirmation yet as to when The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine will be released. We're really sorry for the misunderstanding, the date is now completely hidden on the game's Encyclopedic entry.

While GRYOnline adds that there has been “no confirmation” as to when the Blood and Wine DLC will be released, the listed date could still be correct. After all, June 7 is a Tuesday and would fit well in CDPR’s projected release frame for the expansion.  It wouldn’t be the first time that a gaming site jumped the gun. For now, it remains a rumor at most though.

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