BlackBerry Gets Command and Conquer 4.


A good news for BlackBerry Users and Fans as Command and Conquer 4 is now available on it. The game belonging to the C&C Family has now arrived on the Handheld device bringing all the strategy gaming goodness with in your hands.

You are surely going to love it if you have played other Command and Conquer games on your PC which include the highly successful Red Alert 1,2,3 and Tiberium series. Although the game is not that visually impressive as the desktop version but the visuals it provides on the BlackBerry are good enough. Here's what the official description says:

Kane returns with sinister force in the most anticipated RTS experience ever made for mobile! Choose offensive or defensive classes from the equally potent GDI or Nod factions, and for the first time, command the mobile Crawler base and move it anywhere on the map. Mobilize for an all-out action-strategy blitz across two fateful campaigns featuring innovative RPG-style character progression.

If you have a blackberry, Then you must give this game a try as its available for a great price of $6.99 while showing amazing visuals on a handheld device featuring a great story line.