BlackBerry Has a Market Share of 0 Percent But There’s Something That the Stats Did Not Mention

BlackBerry 0 % market share

The latest statistical data shows that BlackBerry has finally reached rock-bottom of the smartphone market share with a 0 percent grip for the global market. However, before readers start blatantly chanting ‘RIP BlackBerry’, there are some facts of the company that we’d like you to know first.

Statistical Data Only Marked Devices That Were Running BlackBerry’s Own Software Platform and Not Google’s

According to research material compiled by Gartner, it has been reported that BlackBerry’s market share stands in at 0 percent. However, in terms of accuracy, the company has a market share of 0.0481 percent, meaning around 207,900 units of the global smartphone market are running BlackBerry’s own operating system. However, you should be informed that with the arrival of the PRIV, DTEK50 and DTEK60, not to mention additional smartphones approaching, the manufacturer has shifted to Android and unfortunately, it has not been listed how many BlackBerry devices that are running Android make up that market share.

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Out of the estimated 432 million smartphones that were sold in 2016, it is definitely difficult to keep track of all this, but we sincerely believe that BlackBerry’s legendary security that’s running on top of Android should deliver some much-needed security for users. Android is a vulnerable platform, particularly those devices that are running outdated software versions, so BlackBerry’s enterprise security for mobile devices should be the ideal ingredient to bump up that security level.

The company is said to be making an appearance at the MWC 2017 trade show with a smartphone that’s going to be running Android but will also bring back the physical keyboard functionality. Similar to the PRIV, we’re hoping that the physical keyboard brings some gesture-like controls in the upcoming phone so users can decide when to pop open the physical keyboard and when to adapt like all the rest of the phones out there.

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