How To Get Into Black Ops 3 PS4 Beta For Free

If you're a Call of Duty fan, you might be currently trying to get a code for the Black Ops 3 PS4 beta which is now running.

However, a loophole has been discovered and shared on Reddit that will let you play the Black Ops 3 PS4 beta for free and without the need of any code.

In fact, the beta can be freely downloaded from any Singaporean PSN account. These are the very simple steps needed:

  • create a new PSN account, select Singapore as country
  • add Jurong East as city
  • add 609786 as postal code
  • add 256 Jurong East Street 24 as address (there's a McDonald there)

You'll be then able to download the beta from the Singaporean PS Store. Moreover, if you activate this account as primary on your PlayStation 4 you may even switch to your usual PSN account and still be able to play.

The PlayStation 4 beta of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will last until Sunday, August 23. Xbox One and PC gamers, on the other hand,  can expect to have their own beta tests begin on August 26 and presumably last for a similar period of time.

The full game is scheduled to hit all platforms on November 6.

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