Get The Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Mastery Bundle For A 70% Discount And Become An Expert In This Field

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Feb 7, 2018

The most popular financial aspect nowadays is cryptocurrency. It seems that one part of the world is investing in it whereas the other half is talking about it. You could become the logical half of the world and make informed decisions regarding bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Wccftech is offering a 70% discount on the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Mastery Bundle. Get the deal now and become an expert on investments and trade in cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Mastery Bundle features

The bundle includes 6 extremely comprehensive courses and these will help you gain an understanding on this aspect of finance. Here are highlights of what each course has to offer:

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  • The Complete Bitcoin Course: Get .0001 BTC In Your Wallet – Get Your First Taste of Bitcoin — & Get Paid Just For Signing Up!
  • Bitcoin For Business: How To Accept Bitcoin – How Businesses Can Adapt to the Bitcoin Revolution
  • Start & Secure Your Bitcoin Fortune: Join The Revolution – Invest Smarter, Safer & with Greater Long-Term Security
  • Initial Coin Offering A-Z: Become A Smart ICO Investor – Understand, Evaluate & Invest in ICOs Without Being Scammed
  • Cryptocurrency Trading – The Complete Guide To Trading Altcoins
  • Certified Bitcoin Professional – How to Pass The Bitcoin Professional Certification Exam


The Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Mastery Bundle is designed by Ravinder Deol. He is a certified bitcoin professional and has been involved in this field since 2013 and has seen its potential to grow even further. He realized that many people know very little about cryptocurrency and that is when he decided to do something about it. He now provides cryptocurrency and blockchain education online.

At first he conducted live classes and that led to the creation of B21 Block. The goal is to provide high-quality and interactive cryptocurrency and blockchain education online. Even if you are a beginner, this guy will be your best friend and will guide you so that you become an expert.

Original Price Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Mastery Bundle: $99.95
Wccftech Discount Price Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Mastery Bundle: $29