Bethesda’s Pete Hines Infuriates Fallout 4 Fans; “Not Interested In Discussing How Realistic Things Are”

Bethesda's vice president Pete Hines has displeased a bunch of Fallout 4 fans, by stating that he's not interested in discussing how realistic things are in a game such as Fallout 4. Hines is accused of not caring for the franchise enough.

On Twitter, Hines was asked about a personal log that appears in Fallout 4. According a Fallout 4 player the log describes something that didn't occur until the events of Fallout 2.

Afterwards the same fan refers to how unrealistic the "Kid in a fridge' quest really is - a quest where a ghoul kid survived for 200 years in a fridge without food or water.

Hines simply replied that he's "not interested in discussing how realistic things are in an alternate universe post-apocalyptic game with talking mutants and ghouls".

This very response seems to have angered a lot of Fallout fans, accusing Hines of not caring about the lore of Fallout. Some of the reactions can be seen below.

Bethesda's vp later defends his statement by stating lore and consistency is extremely important to Fallout.

It's about a quest premise

According Hines, Bethesda cares a lot for Fallout's lore. His answer, though, was about how a writer can make fun with a quest premise.

Fallout fans aren't satisfied easily it seems, and point out that the comment regarding the quest can be forgiven - it's just Hines' comment reeks like "I don't give a shit":

Hines later says he doesn't have an answer to the first question asked anyway, since he doesn't know the context.

Bethesda accused of not caring for the franchise enough

The discussion didn't end there though, as Bethesda is accused of not caring about the Fallout franchise enough. Hines replies that they cared enough about it to take a risk when nobody else was.

Hines posts some tweets about nothing really happened and says people took his tweet the wrong way.

This isn't the first time that Bethesda's vice president speaks out on Twitter. Recently Hines also reacted to the massive amount of Fallout 4 leaks and stated to be "upset". Bethesda's vp also commented on the recent Fallout 4 performance reports.

So did you grab some popcorn? What are your thoughts about Fallout 4's lore and consistency? Hit the comments.

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