Bethesda Will Consider Developing For The Nintendo NX If It’s As Powerful As The Xbox One Or More


A few weeks back, we have reported that Bethesda may consider supporting the upcoming Nintendo NX if it makes sense to the publisher. In a recent interview, Pete Hines has elaborated more on the matter, also noting that some of the publisher's titles might appeal to the Nintendo audience in some way.

Speaking with Metro UK, Pete Hines talked about how Bethesda hasn't supported Nintendo hardware for a long time mostly due to hardware related issues, with the games in development not fitting without  some major cuts.

No, no. it’s usually been one of a technical… hardware issue. It’s just, what it is that the devs are making and what are the hardware requirements that they’re looking at, to support what they’re making? And what fits? And anything that is below the line is, ‘Well, we can make it work, but we’d have to cut this or that or do it like…’ But no, that’s not the point. The point is to take the game, as you designed it, and to get it working on those platforms. Not make a bunch of cuts and a bunch of changes and bring out some other version of it.

Interestingly enough, Pete Hines revealed that Bethesda will consider supporting the NX if the console is powerful enough. Games far into development, such as Dishonored 2, wouldn't be coming, but anything that's still in development could be considered.

So if NX is announced in the next few weeks and is as powerful as an Xbox One or higher, then…

Then it will absolutely be something that we consider. Okay… let’s say they come out and say tomorrow it does X, Y, and Z. Well, Dishonored 2 is way down the road, it’s not in the conversation. But anything that is in development, I think we’d take a look at and see if technically does it line up with what they’re doing?

Even if things do line up, there's still the Nintendo audience to consider, but this doesn't seem to be a major concern, with Pete Hines stating that they do have any number of things that might appeal to it, albeit in a different way than Nintendo franchises.

"And then to your point, of course we always want to look at what we’re doing from an audience standpoint. But I think that we have any number of things that might appeal to the Nintendo audience. Maybe it’s not as appealing as Super Smash Bros., or it doesn’t appeal to that exact same audience, but that doesn’t mean that there’s not still an audience there."

The Nintendo NX launches during March 2017 in all regions.