Best-Reviewed Mobile Apps in Early 2013

Abdullah Saad

You’ve recently fired up that new smart phone you received over the holidays and now you face a
daunting challenge: choosing which apps to download from an overwhelming marketplace. If you’ve
started downloading apps but aren’t satisfied with what you’ve found thus far, don’t enter a Google
search for “sell iPhone” just yet. You can still discover the best and newest apps below:

Beautiful Widgets

If you’re sick of your Android smart phone looking a little dreary, download Beautiful Widgets. It allows
you to customize your home screen to an almost artistic level, providing you with ways to spice up the
usual clock-and-icon combination so many of us are used to. Use this App if you want the experience of
using a smart phone to feel novel again.

Google Music

Google’s been making major efforts to up its music game lately, and nowhere is that more evident than
in the Google Music App, a program that allows you to stream music you’ve uploaded. It’s a great way to
take music with you without much of the hassle of plugging in an endless amount of wires.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

A particular favorite among iPhone users, this alarm clock doesn’t allow the usual routine of setting an
alarm and throwing a pillow at the wall once it wakes you up with a few annoying chimes. Instead, the
Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock keys in on your sleeping patterns to wake you up at the most ideal time, making
your mornings a little more pleasant every day.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition

Of course, not all Apps are about functionality over entertainment. Some apps find a way of merging
both beautifully. If you’re a fan of Minecraft, the block-manipulating creative game, then you’ve got to
have Minecraft in your pocket at all times. At least, you’ll feel that way once you download this app.

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