Best Prime Day Deals on Networking: Google Wifi for $99, Orbi Mesh System for $219 & More

Uzair Ghani

Some great networking gear is discounted for Prime Day 2018. This includes Google Wifi, the NETGEAR Orbi home WiFi system and more.

Give Your Home the WiFi and Networking Love it Truly Deserve Thanks to Prime Day 2018

As I mentioned before, there is a sea of products which is bound to confuse a lot of you out there. But, we dive right in and pick out the best deals for our readers which are definitely worth everyone's time.

Right now, some cool networking gear is available at a discounted price that will allow you to blanket your home not only in strong WiFi signals but also great network coverage overall. So without further ado, let's check out the discounts available together:

Personally, I would go ahead with the Orbi WiFi system. It's a great way to blanket your home in WiFi without having to worry about cables or whatnot. But, the Google Wifi deal isn't that bad either. If you already have a three-pack and wish to expand further, then a new point for just $99 is not bad at all.

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