Looking to Buy a Tablet? Here Are the Best iPad 5, iPad 6 and iPad Pro Deals You Can Avail Right Now

Omar Sohail
Looking to Buy a Tablet? Here Are the Best iPad 5, iPad 6 and iPad Pro Deals You Can Avail Right Now

Tablets are a great addition to your household or office and can be used for carrying out a variety of different tasks. This will range from media consumption to tiny amounts of word processing, and even checking emails. Their high battery life also means that lots of iPad models will remain powered on for a significantly longer period. If you're interested in buying one right now, we have the best deals lined up just for you.

iPad Pro Offers

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro is absurdly large, but you can focus your attention on the 10.5-inch model of the iPad Pro for now. The 64GB model will cost you $649.99, with the 256GB model going for $799.99. If you feel it is pointless to spend $150 on a 256GB model, then the 64GB version is going to be your best bet right now. The iPad Pro features more RAM than the iPad 5 and iPad 6, so you will be able to multitask more on the tablet. Also, the tablet provides support for the Smart Keyboard cover in case you wanted a keyboard accessory.

iPad 5 Offers

If you want to get the previous-generation iPad 5, which was released last year, it has been discounted to $279.99 for the 32GB model, marking a $50 discount. The 128GB model is being sold for $379.99 and has also received a $50 discount. If you feel that you can add $50 extra, then that is the best possible thing you can do because it means you will be able to purchase the iPad 6, the same 9.7-inch tablet that now features better hardware specifications.

iPad 6 Offers

The iPad 6 (featuring the A10 Fusion SoC with 2GB RAM) is going for $329.99 for the 32GB model and $429.99 for the 128GB version. This tablet is not only affordable but is also compatible with the Apple Pencil, which is the first time that Apple has introduced this feature. Previously, Apple Pencil support was only available for the iPad Pro series, but Apple has started to branch out.

iPad Trade-in Offer

You can get a minimum $125 Best Buy gift card when you trade in a working iPad mini 2 with Retina display, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, or iPad 5. If you want to know the trade-in value of your current iPad, you can check it here.

Which iPad will you be picking up? Tell us down in the comments and stay tuned for more details to come forward.

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