Belkin Releases New 3.5mm Audio Cable with Lightning Connector on One End so You Can Ditch that Horrible Looking Dongle


Belkin has come through with a product which many have been waiting for - a 3.5mm audio cable with a Lightning connector on one end. Perfect for latest iPhone users.

Apple Might've Ditched the Headphone Jack but Belkin has Jumped in to Save the Day Once Again

With the announcement of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus came painful news that the headphone jack is officially dead on the company's smartphone lineup. This also meant that if you bought a new iPhone recently then the only way to connect it with your car painlessly for audio-only purposes is by using Bluetooth or by attaching the bundled adapter/dongle with your iPhone then connecting a 3.5mm cable. Bit of a nightmare if you are asking me.

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But, Belkin has you covered here. It has announced a brand new 3.5mm audio cable that has a Lightning connector on one end. The Lightning end connects with your iPhone and the 3.5mm end, obviously, connects with your speakers or your car's stereo system. This in turn means that you can join the party of your friends who still have a headphone jack on their phones as long as you carry the new cable with you.


Belkin's new '3.5 mm Audio Cable With Lightning Connector' costs $29.99 if you opt for the 3-feet version (ideal for cars) or $34.99 for the 6-feet variant. I would suggest getting the 3-feet version as it's the ideal length for places like your home or even your car. But obviously, the longer you go here the more room you have for mobility while blasting out those tunes. The choice is totally yours.

You can grab the cable directly from Belkin's website today. it's available in white and black variants so you can suit your needs completely. But remember, it's a bit pricey while at the same time it grants you the luxury of breaking away from the dongle life.

Choose wisely.