Following BeatsX Delay, Apple Discounts Pill+ Speaker & EP Headphones


You won't be able to buy the BeatsX earphones before February 2017, but Apple is making up for it by offering discounts on other products.

Get a Generous Discount on Beats Pill+ Speaker or Beats EP Headphones Directly from Apple

When it comes to discounts, Apple tends to ask full price for a product instead and throws in a free gift card with the purchase. Not exactly what we'd call a 'discount.' But in a rare occasion, Apple is tossing in an actual discount on two products - the Beats Pill+ wireless speaker as well as Beats EP on-ear headphones.

The Beats Pill+ speaker sells for a price of $229 directly from Apple, but the company has chopped its price down to just $199, saving you $30 in the process. But that's not all, the Beats EP will set you back $99 after a discount of $30. Both of these products are great if you are an audiophile, but there are better options and deals available if you are willing to look around on places such as Amazon.

Speaking of which, the retail giant regularly discounts Beats products, occasionally beating the price which Apple has stooped on just now. But if you were hoping for a discount from Apple directly, now's the chance to avail the golden opportunity.

The Beats Pill+ is available in three different color options - White, Black and Citrus Red. Beats EP on the other hand is available in White, Blue, Black and Red. All these options are in stock right now and come with free shipping. Heading over to this link and this link in order to avail these discounts.

If you were looking for some gift ideas, the Beats EP may actually be a good candidate. The Beats Pill+ on the other hand, is not bad either. But of course, some people disagree with the audio quality Beats products deliver, and that's fine. You have the complete option of ignoring what Apple does, you know.

There's no telling how long this offer will last. If you were hoping for a discount on either one of these products, then you might want to act now in order to bag yourself a deal.