BeatsX, and Other Beats Audio Products Have Been Discounted for a Limited Time Period


There is a different kind of consumer that you will encounter every day in your life with some of them blatantly arguing with you about products while others side with you in a heartbeat. On this subject, some of them enjoy using wireless audio products such as earphones and headphones while others prefer using the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Thanks to questionable moves carried out by Apple, HTC, and Motorola, headphone jacks have started to show signs of disappearing and to help you get ready for that situation, Amazon has provided discounts over a total of three Beats products, including BeatsX.

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BeatsX Will Be a Much Better Solution Than Apple’s AirPods and They Look Like an Even Better Purchase After This Discount

The BeatsX, Powerbeats3, and Beats Solo3 have all been discounted for a limited time period on Amazon and it looks like you will have to make your purchase quickly before stock runs out or the discounted period expires altogether. For future iPhone users, we’d recommend that you get yourself the BeatsX because not only will it be able to pair with Android devices seamlessly, it has another cool feature; the W1 chip.

With the W1 chip, BeatsX will immediately pair with your iPhone and thanks to the string it comes with, the probability of losing your earphones is drastically reduced. At the same time, Powerbeats3 features a more refined way to fasten earphones without them falling off while the Beats Solo3 is dedicated for users who required wireless headphones with extended battery life.

You can check the individual pricing of the three audio products given below and if you plan to upgrade to an iPhone in the foreseeable future, we highly recommend getting yourself a pair of BeatsX wireless earphones.