Battlefield Hardline and Dragon Age: Inquisition to get AMD’s Mantle API

So apparently, Mantle API is still alive and kicking. Since there is still some time to go before DirectX 12 even lands, Mantle API has a golden opportunity to set some concrete foundation and utilize the headstart. The fact that both games (Hardline and Inquisition) support Frostbite 3, an engine which already had a taste of Mantle API thanks to Battlefield 4, makes it a no-brainer for the the games to support Red's Low Level API.

Mantle API Supported  Battlefield Hardline and Dragon Age: Inquisition to Release in October

There had been speculation that AMD would lay off with Mantle now that DX12 is entering the battlezone but those rumors appear to have been just that. This is the perfect opportunity to capitalize on the vacuum created by the lack of a low level DirectX and establish a firm ground in the eyes of the developers and gamers. We saw some really decent performance increase in Battlefield 4, especially in CPU bound situations and I think it goes without saying that owners of AMD GPUs can expect the same performance bump in the upcoming Battlefield Hardline and Dragon Age: Inquisition games. Now since both of the games were made on the Frostbite 3 Engine which already had the Mantle overhaul thanks to BF4, it would have been relatively easy to bring it into BFH and DA:I as well.

Battlefield Hardline is releasing on October 27 and Dragon Age: Inquisition comes a little early on the 7th of the same month. We have no word whether it will follow the Mantle-Update-Patch schematic or include the API from the get go. However there is one more game I have my eyes on, and that is Mirrors Edge 2. Mirrors Edge 2 is still pretty much in its prototype stage as could be seen from the E3 demo which contained only basic entities and assets along with a primordial environment. So that means that by the time it lands, we would be ever near the DX12 mark if not after. Infact Mantle API games that arrive after DX12 lands are going to make all the difference in the world, because they will accurately depict developer sentiment and shine light on the API of the future. Admittedly, the prospect looks a little grim for Mantle since even AMD admits to DX12 as a leading API (Red is a major stake holder in the consortium) but I believe that Mantle can have its own place alongside DX12.

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