Battlefield 4 Launches In A Week – DICE Is Prepared For The Launch

Fahad Arif

Battlefield 4 is only a week away from launch and the welcoming party is huge. DICE is already satisfied with the game’s launch. DICE’s Patrick Bach said that Battlefield 4 launch would be smoothest of all launches in Battlefield franchise. The new installment is in the Battlefield franchise can possibly be the biggest game yet from DICE.

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DICE Is Ready and Satisfied With The Launch Of Battlefield 4 But Initial Bugs Are Expected

EA would be rolling out Battlefield 4, the game that everybody wants, in just a week. Battlefield 4 could possibly be the most demanded Battlefield game ever created and also a record breaking Fps, only if DICE handles everything properly. Call Of Duty: Ghosts is something DICE can’t ignore because COD still owns greater number of fans. Bugs and lags have always been a prominent problem for Fps creators, it depends on how they handle the game and fix all these problems on the time. Both Call Of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 will have a noticeable bug and lag problems in the start. DICE is also ready to face the initial inevitable bugs of Battlefield 4 and the user’s response that would come with it.

Battlefield 4 beta ended some days ago, releasing the beta version on PC and current generation consoles helped DICE a lot in improving and fixing some of the before-release bugs of the game. DICE already knew that the game would be too buggy on the release if they do not test it with the players first. That is why DICE was already expecting most of the bugs that were reported during beta. EA executive, Patrick Bach talked to OXM about the launch of game and early bugs.

"We had our list of known bugs, and the list the beta testers sent back, and they were quite well-matched. The funny thing is, the first hour the game goes live with a beta like this, we have more testing that hour than we've had in the entire project. It gives us a big chunk of information that we need to then cater for. I would hope it would be a smoother experience than we've had before with any previous Battlefield game.”

He continued on discussing about managing certain problems:

"We have been changing a lot of things under the hood in the game, which are quite hard to see at a glance - when you're playing the game you'll feel the benefits, but you might not understand what we've gone through to get there. Sometimes you have to more or less pull out the whole engine to get +10 horsepower. You can't just keep 'boosting' your game to get there."

DICE is aware of all the problems it will face on the launch day of Battlefield 4, they also seem to be prepared for facing the reaction of the players. Keeping this aside, EA has already started talking about the successor to Battlefield 4. In an interview with the New York Times, Patrick said that players would get "More features, more extras and more destruction" in the Battlefield 5. "Every new game needs to be the next big thing”, he said. EA is constantly working on spreading the Battlefield franchise on various platforms as reports also say that EA has announced that it is working on high-end mobile version of Battlefield game.

Battlefield 4 launches soon. DICE is expecting the game to hit big time because it is also targeting the next-gen consoles and with the delay of Ubisoft’s two games, Watch Dogs and The Crew, that were supposed to support the next-gen consoles on the launch day, DICE is already getting more attention. But this is not enough to satisfy DICE because it still has Call Of Duty: Ghosts as its greatest rival and the charts show that COD: Ghosts has been pre-ordered more than the Battlefield 4 on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. People who had their mind set on buying either of the two Ubisoft’s game would be looking for another game on the launch of next-gen consoles, it would either be Battlefield 4 or COD: Ghosts. Of course Battlefield 4 would have bunch of bugs like its predecessor, Battlefield 3, but that cannot stop it from taking on the market.

Battlefield 4 hits shelves on 29th October for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions would follow the consoles launch.

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