Battlefield 1 Data Mined Info Reveals More On Operations, Possession And Air Superiority


With the open beta now over, the wait for Battlefield 1 has been harder than ever to bear. The game thankfully launches in a little over a month, so it won't take too long for fans to experience the all new World War 1 experience of the new DICE shooter. If you're dying to learn more about the game, you will be happy to know that more details regarding some of the game's maps and play modes have recently emerged online.

Reddit user scrawny98 recently shared on the Battlefield 1 subreddit some new information regarding Operations, Possession and Air Superiority which has been data mined from the recent open beta. Operations, in particular, will apparently feature some sort of sudden death mechanic, which sounds quite interesting.


-The vittorio veneto operations is called Iron Walls
-The capture points are flags and not Mcoms
-There will be a sudden death mecanich for when you end the reinforcements
-There won't be a clear winner/loser. The game rates your attack/defense so even if you don't reach the last sector as attackers the game will still award you for the "effective attack". Same for defenders.
-The recedent point confirms that this is not a thugh of war scenario but there are attackers and defenders, like in Rush.

Possession also sounds quite interesting on paper, as players will apparently have to find messanger pigeons and send messages to supporting artillery to take out enemies.


-official description: Find messenger pigeons and send messages to your supporting artillery to take out the enemies.
-piecing together the various info i think this is how the game works: a pigeon spawns in the center of the map and the teams must capture it. Once captured the carrier of the pigeon will start to write a message (if you stand still you write faster) and the rest of he team must defend him from the enemy. Once the message is written you release the pigeon (must be outdoors) and the artillerry will take care of the enemies. The team that delivers most pigeons wins. It's very similar to the team defender gamemode from MW3 if you want a comparison.

Not much as been discovered about Air Superiority, which is now called Airship Raid. The mode will apparently involve destroying airships.

Air Superiority:

-Now it's called Airship Raid
-No other info apart the fact that destroying airships is the objective

Battlefield 1 launches next month on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.