Battle Your To-Do List With Victories For iOS


You never accomplish all of your tasks due to excessive procrastination, but what if we tell you a better way that will allow you to fight your resistance. Victories for iOS is a to-do app that transforms your to-do list into a 'battle'. It's a neat app that convinces you to complete your tasks ahead of your time. Not to mention the productivity derived will always be greater than putting your tasks on hold. Victories for iOS is simplistic, yet the idea behind makes it ever more efficient than other to-do apps on the market.

Conquer Your Tasks With Victories

Victories pile your stats for the day and enhances your progress altogether. Under the plain to-do skin, the app is a by product of abundant research that makes it better than others. The app and its battling theme provide another way to stay motivated and accomplish tasks which before could have been pushed ahead of their deadline.

Basically, the battles shapes under your command. You set various to-dos for the day and your 'win' is to complete them. If you don't, you will lag behind or 'surrender' yourself to the assigned tasks. Ultimately, as you game ahead, you will realize that your productive character has raised. Once you are done with your task, finish them off and move to the next one if you have set any. Moreover, you also have the ability to set deadlines for your tasks. Doing this would convince you to do your tasks beforehand, ultimately raising your progress bar.

Your to-dos are your 'battles'. When you complete them, they become your victories. However, when you fail to complete your tasks or miss any deadlines, it means that you 'surrender'. Columns are done for your ease constituting your 'wins' and 'surrenders'. Your character level would rise once your victories amplify. Ultimately, you will be shown an overall percentage of your victories.

Transforming your to-dos into a game is a pretty amazing yet productive way to complete devised tasks. Even though it might not be the only to-do app of its kind, but entering text in the field is a cakewalk that most of the apps lags behind. The best part about the app is that it is absolutely free of charge.

This is it for now, folks. Do you think Victories is a helpful app? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Victories For iOS