Batman’s The Joker As a Playable Character in Bloodborne – 18 Amazing New Screenshots

ith fantastic news all around, Bloodborne is going really strong and is turning out to be the PlayStation revival the dev. team was hoping for Bloodborne to bring after the further delay of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. A lot of PlayStation owners hopes were linked to the game aswell and it fulfilled all of them and resulted in a very good playable game. Our own review of the game was scored at 9.6 out of a total score of 10. And the reviewer's comments were:

"The best title of this generation, and easily the best game on the PS4. The immense drive you get to explore its desolate, yet beautiful world, is almost unprecedented. Bloodborne is a true essential for any PS4 owner, and the best reason so far to purchase Sony's system. An Exemplary Gothic Masterpiece!"

Well, that just goes out to show how amazing a title Bloodborne is and how vital it was for the PlayStation at a time when Xbox was looking strong and PlayStation seemed to be losing it's game.

Batman: Arkham Knight's Joker in Bloodborne?

You'll probably know of Batman: Arkham Knight's main villain character 'The Joker.' I'd be surprised if you didn't and I will not be the only one. Anyways, fancy seeing him in Bloodborne? Well, its all very possible. You can make your own Joker character in Bloodborne and play with him in game. Guess one of the game's big secrets is out and i'm not sure even developer knew what capabilities they were putting in here.

A PSN user Devil_C sent PSX-Sense some screenshots of the joker in Bloodborne. He spent hours characterising his main character to look like the joker and finally achieved the masterpiece. I for one am impressed by the sheer level of determination of the PSN user. You can check out the screenshots by the PSN user below:


You can check out the full video to see how to make your own joker character in How To Make Joker In Bloodborne. The creator of the video says:

"Hey everyone, this took me a few hours, but here's how you can do it in a few mins, just take a look at my values! ENJOY YOUR NEW JOKER! let the hunt begin!"

Enjoy the video below.

I hope this was fun for you and now you can enjoy have your on joker character in Bloodborne. Do share your views in the comments section and stay tuned for any further news on Bloodborne.

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