How To Batch Convert Live Photos To Still Images On iPhone 6s


Here's how you can batch convert iPhone 6s Live Photos to still images and gain some precious free storage space.

iPhone 6s live photos

The new Live Photos feature on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus is truly amazing, giving life to still images in a way which wasn't imaginable before. While Live Photos is a great feature to boast about, but it can become a nuisance to use especially if you have a base model iPhone 6s device with 16GB of onboard storage. See, Live Photos take up twice as much storage space compared to regular photos, and if you happen to make use of the feature a lot, then you might run into storage problems on your device. But fear not, with a new app called 'Lean' on the App Store, you can batch convert Live Photos to regular ones and free up some precious storage space.


Batch Converting Live Photos To Still Images Is Absolutely Effortless With Lean App

The Lean app, available for free on the App Store, lets you effortlessly batch convert Live Photos into normal still images. While you can achieve the same thing on a stock level, but you don't end up saving any space as the changes are reversible. But with Lean, you can convert all the unneeded Live Photos into still images and end up saving a ton of storage space on your device, after all, Live Photos do take up twice as much storage compared to a regular photo.


From the App Store:

Think of landscape photos, which most of the time are with very little movement. Even if you go to Photos app and mark it as non-Live Photo, it doesn't really remove anything (you can revert back anytime). That fills up your precious space, especially for those of your who are on 16GB iPhone. So Lean is a really simple that does exactly that, remove the "Live" part out of Live Photos.

The Lean app is available for a wonderful price of FREE over at the App Store, and we highly recommend that users who are in the ownership of a 16GB iPhone 6s go ahead and give it a shot. Having tried the app on one of our iPhones here, we can confirm that the app does indeed work as advertised.

You can download Lean from this link.

If you do happen to try out Lean on your iPhone, then do not forget to let us know your experience with it.

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