Bandai Namco Is Teasing ‘Mysterious’ Game Through Teaser Site


A few minutes ago publisher Bandai Namco, send out a tease via Twitter for a mysterious game. The link provided, directs to a teaser site with a timer that counts down to Monday, December 21.

Bandai Namco teasing

While counting down, the teaser site does show a distorted image now and then. At the moment of writing this, we haven’t found any connection to a particular title however.

We’ve searched the domain name for hidden directories/files, but only found references to a image and video placeholder. Nothing is shown on those pages however.

Bandai Namco’s tweet reads “can you feel the hunger”, but doesn’t reveal anything else either.

Neogaf user Salromano digged in the site’s source code and found the following line:

Bandai Namco Entertainment announces a mysterious game

Find the clues, share them with your friends and discover the mysterious game

It’s currently unknown what the publisher is teasing, but judging from the “can you feel the hunger” tweet, a good possibility might be God Eater.

We’ll update when we learn more.