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Atlas Reactor Alpha Giveaway – 5K Keys For You!



Welcome to another Wccftech giveaway, dear readers! Today it's all about Atlas Reactor, the peculiar turn-based multiplayer game in development at Trion Worlds (which kindly provided the keys for this giveaway).

Atlas Reactor, announced six months ago during PAX Prime, will have an Alpha Test Sneak Peek starting today (February 18) to February 24 and we have 5K keys for you to grab. Servers will go live at 2PM PST and will stay open 24/7 during the event.

The game has been described as XCOM meets DOTA, with the simultaneous turns twist that works like this:

20 Seconds to Decide

Players choose their actions during “Decision Mode” and watch their actions resolve on screen during “Resolution Mode.”

Prep, Dash, Blast, Move

There are 4 types of actions you can choose to make during Decision Mode: Prep, Dash, Blast, and Move. These actions will play out in that order during their respective phases in Resolution Mode.

Trion also detailed the main additions made to this Alpha.

  • New map! Battle atop the High-rise Sanctuary, a more intimate map full of tight corners and narrow escapes
  • New Characters, like Rampart and more, plus new character styles and skins.
  • Mod system enhancements, which allow you to customize your Freelancer after seeing the enemy matchup
  • A new Freelancer progression system where you can earn cosmetic rewards for your favorite gunslingers
  • An updated, voiced tutorial with cool new environmental art
  • Grouping, so that you can join parties with your friends
  • A daily contract system that allows you to earn extra ISO while you play
  • Smarter, harder to beat AI
  • A redesigned user interface and queueing system
  • Ability videos previews, so you can see what a character can do before you play

As usual, all you need to do to get your code is follow our Twitter account below if you haven’t already, and then enter your email address.

To redeem the code, you'll have to enter it at this address (after logging in to your Trion account). Once that's done, you can install Atlas Reactor from the Glyph client just as with any other game by Trion.

Atlas Reactor Alpha Giveaway