ATI’s new Dual Chip 40Nm Card arrives in 2010.


Sources have revealed that ATI has started working on a new 6000 Series based card which will be in the High End Category. ATI is designing a new Dual Chip Card based on the new 40Nm 6000 Series Core which is said to give slightly better performance than the current Generation Dual Chip GPU's and the good news about is that it arrives this year.

The new core will offer a bit improvement in performance which is because its mainly a tweaked version of the successive Cyprus Core. The new card will also introduce support for the new HDMI interface as well as new UVD – Eyefinity. This means that Eyefinity will become a cheaper solution for multiple monitor setups.

Its obvious that the 40Nm Core will provide slight improvements over the previous generation cards so a massive increase in performance should not be expected from them but it will be faster. Let's see what Nvidia is readying to tackle the ATI's next generation GPU's. All will be revealed in a matter of months.