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ASUS Shows Off Ivy Bridge Notebooks featuring Nvidia Kepler Mobile GPU, Launching in April 2012


At this years CES Event, ASUS showcased its latest notebooks part of its  K75 series, brand-new N series and updated G series (Republic of Gamers) featuring Intel's latest 22nm Ivy Bridge Processors along with Nvidia's 28nm Kepler Mobile GPU's.

You heard it right folks, The Notebooks launching in April 2012 would be among the first to house Nvidia's Kepler chip which are based on a 28nm architecture and feature improved performance/watt over Fermi. It's also said that the Mobile Kepler parts are a Fermi + Kepler Hybrid chip (Fermi on a 28nm die).

While talking to Computerbase, ASUS confirmed that the new notebooks would feature a totally new GeForce GTX 670M chip which unlike its predecessors would improve performance at a lower TDP. Pricing hasn't been detailed but expect the notebooks to hit retail after Ivy Bridge Platform launch on April 8th, Specification slides below: