ASUS RoG Tytan G70 Gaming PC Unveiled – Mostly Disappoints

Usman Pirzada

With the introduction of the ASUS RoG Tytan G70 Gaming PC, it seems that the time has long gone when the PC World would be awed by impressive build alone. With the majority of the high-end gamers making their rigs from scratch it is quite a difficult world that a Pre-Built Gaming PC has to survive in. Some Prebuilt PCs like the Origin- Xbox 360 build did manage the impossible, but after that I cannot truly say I know of any other exception of the top of my head.

The ASUS RoG Tytan G70 Gaming PC

ASUS RoG Tytan G70

Without further ado, the details of the Reveal:

The Asus RoG Tytan G70 features upto a i7-4770k, a Z87 Motherboard, upto a GTX 780 (3GB) Graphics Cards (Single), 4GB Ram (Expandable to 32GB) and upto 15gb of Hard Disk Capability coupled with upto a 256 GB SSD.

The Full Specs can be found here.

RoG Tytan G70 - The Pros:


  • One of the only things that will cause a Gamer to fawn over the RoG Tytan G70 is the unbelievable cooling system housed inside. Whenever the Turbo mode is activated, the Case will literally transform, spewing out 6 front facing and 2 rear facing fans that will make even the hottest insides cool again.  Combined with 2 bottom grid fans and the water cooling solution inside this is one hell of a thermally stable system. If that wasn’t enough the Transforming system of the RoG Tytan G70 has sensors to stop them from closing on fingers – talk about the WoW factor.
  • The Asus Wireless Charger is a built in Qi Wireless charger for smart phones, smart phones that are compatible with the new Qi Inductive Charging technology at least. The ASUS RoG Tytan G70 also features a Enhanced SonicMaster audio giving truly immersive sound upto par with High End Sound cards. The same will also give auditory cues while ingame to enhance the game experience.

ASUS RoG Tytan G70

RoG Tytan G70 - The Cons


Now for a High-End Gaming Rig, these specs are quite modest. When you are paying in the thousands of Dollars, you should at least get the baddest component and configuration out there and with the RoG Tytan G70 Gaming PC this just isn’t the case.

  • For starters the configuration is limited to a single GTX 780, getting Top Tier performance without SLI or Crossfire just isn’t happening.
  • The overclock ‘Turbo’ feature of the ASUS RoG Tytan G70 is locked at two levels. Level one is an Overclock of 3.9 Ghz for each core (3.7 being the stock clock) and Level 2 is an Overclock of 4.1 ghz. Frankly speaking once again these are disappointing statistics with not even the 4.5 Ghz barrier being crossed. And keeping in mind the Titan cooling system involved this is especially a let down. And Over clocking manually would betray the whole point sine a pre built pc is always targeted toward the loaded beginner.

Pricing of the ASUS RoG Tytan G70


If the Previous ASUS RoG Tytan builds are any indication the pricing will be around $5000 for the top tier configurations of the ASUS RoG Tytan G70. However, there have been some reports that ASUS is contemplating to drop the price of the Prebuilt PC.

Concluding Thoughts

The Pre-Built Gaming market is already dominated by the likes of Alienware and Origin, but when dealing with ASUS and RoG you have specific standards that you expect to be met. Sadly however in Wccftech’s opinion the Asus RoG G70 Fails at just that. The Motherboards provided by ASUS RoG have always had a touch of the elite in them. Premium Components and RoG Only features, it is stuff like this which makes all Gamers drool over the same. Now RoG has been in the Pre-Built Market for quite some time, though this recent build has excellent aesthetics and gimmicks, in terms of a true gaming rig it fails to provide anything truly special. I guess most of our failed expectations come from the normal Republic of Gamers standards we see in their products - the Maximus VI Formula Mobo for example. Still it is quite a decent system if you have the money to buy it and one things for sure that Transforming system definitely doesn't disappoint.

ASUS RoG Tytan G70

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