ASUS G752VS Gaming Notebook Appears With GTX 1070 Listed – First Batch Of Pascal Powered Notebooks Coming Through

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Aug 12, 2016

NVIDIA is preparing to announce its GTX 10 series of GPUs for gaming notebooks at this year’s Gamescom, and it looks like the first batch of laptops sporting a GTX 1070 have also started to appear online. This time, it’s an ASUS G752VS and in addition to this, it’s also loaded with other impressive hardware specs.

ASUS G752VS Gets Listed With A GTX 1070 – Could Be Announced At Gamescom Along With Other Models And Competitors

NVIDIA could be debriefing us over the mobile versions of GTX 1080, GTX 1070 and GTX 1060 at Gamescom, and according to leaked benchmarking scores, the mobile version of GTX 1080 actually shows comparable performance to the company’s previous generation TITAN X. Unfortunately, ASUS G752VS will not be able to deliver performance equal to the Maxwell-based TITAN X, but it will definitely come close to it.

The 8GB GDDR5 frame buffer will be sufficient enough to render a load of textures, even if you are playing on the 4K resolution, and it appears that there are going to be several notebook variants announced that feature either a 1080p display, or a 4K one. It also looks like the gaming notebook is going to feature a desktop-class processor, but when we started cross checking the details, we’re afraid to inform you that the clock speed details are linked to Intel’s Core i7-6700, which possesses a base clock frequency of 3.4GHz, the same one listed in the image you see before you.


Unfortunately, this particular CPU does not feature an unlocked multiplier, which pretty much kills the whole tweaking process altogether. Looking at the bright side, the company could actually reduce the thickness of the gaming notebook by removing an effective thermal solution (which would be present in a machine that features a processor with an unlocked multiplier), thus making it slightly more portable.

GTX 1070

Regardless, we expect to see more models released in the near future. MSI’s VR ready gaming laptops are also going to be shown at Gamescom, so keeping that in mind, we are preparing ourselves to witness a slew of gaming machines with the ASUS logo stamped on them. The one thing that might make you turn away from the gaming machine is its price tag. While the currency listed is Russian Ruble, when converted, it brings us to a grand total of $2,900, a price tag far too steep for a GTX 1070 powered notebook.

Hopefully, there are more affordable offerings put on disable that might entice you to purchase them.

NVIDIA GeForce Pascal Mobility Family Comparison:

Specification GeForce GTX 980 Notebook GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Notebook GeForce GTX 1060
GeForce GTX 1070
GeForce GTX 1080 Notebook
Graphics Core GM204 GP107 GP106 GP104 GP104
Manufacturing process 28nm 14nm FinFET 16nm FinFET 16nm FinFET 16nm FinFET
CUDA Cores 2048 768 1280 2048 2560
Transistors 5.2 Billion 3.3 Billion 4.4 Billion 7.2 Billion 7.2 Billion
ROP units 64 32 48 64 64
TMUs 128 48 80 128 160
Core clock speed 1064 MHz 1490 MHz 1404 Mhz 1442 MHz 1566 MHz
Max-Q Base Clock N/A N/A 1063 - 1265MHz 1101 - 1215MHz 1101 - 1290MHz
Boost clock speed 1228 MHz 1624 MHz 1670 Mhz 1645 MHz 1733 MHz
Max-Q Boost Clock N/A N/A 1341 - 1480MHz 1265 - 1379MHz 1278 - 1468MHz
Memory clock 7004 MHz 7,008 MHz 8,008 MHz 8,008 MHz 10,000 MHz
Memory interface 256-bit 128-bit 192-bit 256-bit 256-bit
Total memory bandwidth 224 GB/s 112 GB/s 192GB/s 256GB/s 320 GB/s
Total dedicated GPU memory 8 GB 4 GB 6 GB 8 GB 8 GB
TDP ~150W ~60W ~80W ~120W ~150W
Max-Q Design TDP N/A N/A 60 - 70W 80 - 90W 90 - 110W