Analysis: Windows Phone 7 Series

Omer Saleem
Feb 15, 2010

Microsoft has finally launched the most talked about upgrade to its degrading Windows Mobile OS in Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today. Although we were excited about the launch on new OS based on the desktop Windows 7, which by the way I absolutely adore. There was something which did not seem in place in the phone, and here is what it is.

First of all, I am not sure about others, but the user interface (UI) did not really impress me. Maybe I am old school, but then again, I really like WM6.5 UI and most of all, I loved Nexus One UI. Maybe Microsoft is ahead of its time and others will follow suit. Then again, stay ahead of others sometimes mean that you lose your followers if they do not understand the direction you are headed in.

Windows Phone 7 Series

Anyway, moving forward. I liked the idea of integrating everything Microsoft does or a user does with other online applications and amalgamate them into one phone. The always staying in touch really helps at times but I also feel that now we are moving very quickly towards staying online then staying connected. I always liked the idea of having to have facebook, Gmail, Outlook, Maps, and other stuff I use on the same device but then again, it is in my control when I want to use them. I feel that the sole purpose of MS Phone 7 Series is to always stay online, when although you are not updating but you can see other’s updated statuses.

Windows Phone 7 Series

Windows Phone 7 Series

I also liked the idea of using Internet Explorer 8 code for making the WMP 7S browser. Although I am not a fan of native Internet Explorer in any form but on WM, sadly you don’t have much choice to work with.

The best feature I would say is the integration of Xbox Live! service into it and I truly believe that Microsoft will have a winner on their hands just because of this one small addition.

Windows Phone 7 Series

Over all I think Microsoft has successfully reinvented the Windows Mobile OS wheel and in weeks to come we will start seeing user reviews on the devices currently getting ready to be shipped with Windows Phone 7 Series.

The OEM partners for Windows Phone 7 Series are all but Apple, Nokia and some low end brands. Therefore, I can expect a fierce competition for the top slot within this year.

Pictures Courtesy: Microsoft

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