Arma 3 Nexus Update Live Now, Bringing Lots of Enhancements


The Arma 3 Nexus update is live now, as announced by Bohemia Interactive. According to the Czech studio, this is an important stepping stone towards Arma 3 Apex, a major expansion due in Q2 2016.

The Arma 3 Nexus update features lots of additions and improvements to the game.

[It] adds two additional instances to End Game (Feres & Zaros), and improves the already available Kavala scenario. Each of the three scenarios has a distinct gameplay focus, ranging from small-scale infantry engagements to more long-distance (vehicle) warfare, with player counts between 8vs8 up to 16vs16.

That's just the tip of the iceberg, though. There's also the brand new Spectator Cam, which allows players to join a lobby as a spectator; while it has been developed with the End Game mode in mind, it can be modified and applied to community-created game modes, according to Bohemia.

Another focus of the Arma 3 Nexus update is the refinement of core mechanics such as shooting and movement.

With the implementation of a new stamina system, the game provides a more logical and better communicated way of determining a player's ability to sprint and, subsequently, their aiming precision. The new system factors in a player's current loadout and other elements like terrain, meaning that those who plan and move thoughtfully are more likely to remain combat effective. Another important change comes in the form of a refined 'hitpoint-based' damage model for characters. This enhances the lethality of shots to unprotected parts of the body, rewarding marksmanship skills and making personal protective gear more meaningful.

Other minor improvements are detailed on the official site:

  • Introduction of an in-engine Stereo Emmitter - the foundation of future audio enrichments, new samples for explosives, and more distinct voice sets for fatigued characters.
  • Significantly improved multiplayer frameworks, benefiting network performance and security.
  • Integration of clear and automated connections between mods in the Launcher.
  • Better Under-barrel Grenade Launcher reload animations and dedicated inventory slot, Firing From Vehicles enhancements, and CQB movement tweaks.

Aside from the Arma 3 Nexus update, Bohemia is also launching Arma 3 Units, a web based catalog of Arma community groups which should help those looking for a new clan.

Another update called Eden will be released before the Apex expansion. This update, due for release in early 2016, will introduce the new Eden 3D Editor; according to Bohemia, this will allow far more control over user creations.

Check out the launch trailer for the Nexus update below.