ARCTIC Launches two New VGA Coolers, Accelero Twin Turbo 6990 and Accelero S1 PLUS

ARCTIC has announced the availability of two new heatsinks which include Accelero Twin Turbo 6990 and Accelero S1 PLUS. The Accelero Twin Turbo 6990 as the name suggests is built specifically for AMD's Radeon HD6990 GPU while the Accelero S1 Plus is a passive heatsink compatible with multiple Graphic cards.

The Accelero Twin Turbo 6990 features a large base heatsink consisting of 2 Cooper blocks which would be connected with each core of the HD6990 GPU. These Copper blocks are 5 Copper heatsinks leading to a central heatsinks made up of an aluminum array block which is cooler by ARTIC's own 120mm fans. The heatsink base also has room for memory and PCB Bridge cooling, The whole thing weighs a total of 820 g and has a cooling capacity of 400W.

Accelero Twin Turbo 6990 is backed by a 6 Year warranty and is available at a price of 150US$. More Details here.

Accelero S1 Plus is a passively designed heatsink with a Copper plated base equipped with 4 Heatpipes running into the huge Aluminum fin block. The Set comes with complete Memory and power phase cooling heatsinks and weight a total of 410g.

Accelero S1 Plus is also backed by a 6 year warranty at a price of 49.95US$. More details and Compatibility list here.

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