ArcheAge’s Biggest Expansion, Revelation, Launches in December with New Races and a Lot More

Trion Worlds and XLGAMES announced that Revelation, the biggest Archeage expansion to date, will launch soon. The free expansion, Revelation, is bringing new races, mounts and environments to the already huge game.

The two new races, Dwarf and Warborn, can transform into insanely powerful juggernauts that can do some serious damage. Those concerned about end-game content will be happy to see that once your skill trees hit level 55, you can unlock the new devastating Abysmal Skills.

Here's what to expect with the massive Revelation expansion:

  • Two New Playable Races - Dwarves of the Nuian faction and Warborn from the Haranya faction. Both classes were designed with completely new animations and textures.
  • Five New Environments - Airain Rock, Aubre Cradle, Sunbite Wilds, Rokhala Mountains and Ahnimar.
  • Fresh Start Servers – The “Reckoning” Server will be added to the North America region and the “Prophecy” server will be added to the European region where everyone will be able to start with a new character
  • Alternate Experience System - Once one of a character’s ten skill trees hits max level 55, new Abyssal Skills (the most powerful in the game) can be unlocked via a series of quests
  • Community Enhancements - Players can create ‘mini-guilds’ with their own benefits and activities. Residents of southern continent zones can work with their neighbours to enhance structures within the zone they live in and gain rewards for contributing to their zone’s progress
  • New Housing Areas - New Areas for open-world player housing with regional trade
  • And More - New items, new gear, new styles of mounts, new crafting recipes, combat pets and much more have also been added with the Revelation expansion

ArcheAge Revelation is coming to PC via Trion's own Glyph platform on December 10th. The trailer below gives us a better look at the new zones, player housing and impressive Dwarf and Warborn transformations; you can find even more info in the Producer's Letter.

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