Apple’s New Ad Highlights The Portrait Lighting Feature Of The iPhone 8 Plus

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Apple announced the iPhone 8 and it's bigger 'Plus' sized variant at the iPhone X keynote a few weeks ago. While the flagship duo does not feature any major design variations compared to its predecessor, there is a bevy of new forward-facing features on the inside. The camera, however, was upgraded that brought the Portrait Lighting feature on the iPhone 8 Plus. Apple has plenty promoted the feature at its keynote and it further continues to do so. The Cupertino-giant has released a new video on YouTube, in which it highlights the potential of the Portrait Lighting mode. So let' dive in to see some more details on the subject.

Apple's New Add Shows Off The Portrait Lighting Feature On The iPhone 8 Plus

Apple has released a new 38-second long ad on YouTube in which it highlights the capabilities of the new Portrait Lighting feature on the iPhone 8 Plus. The feature is one of the most important ones and takes away a major portion of the whole upgrade from its predecessor. The ad is titled as ''Portraits of Her'' starring Shannon Wise of the Shacks with the song ''This Strange Effect'' playing in the background.

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Last year, Apple introduced the Portrait Mode with the iPhone 7 Plus that allowed users to play around with the depth effect, whose results are much like a DSLR. The whole process revolves around last year's Portrait Mode that debuted alongside the launch of iPhone 7 Plus. What Portrait Lighting does is complex yet very simple to perform. The feature basically allows you to play around with different light effects in a portrait mode. The best part about the feature is that you can play around with different lighting effects before taking a picture as well as after the photo has been taken. This is a major plus as you do not have to lock at a specific moment to add the lighting effects.

At this point in time, the Portrait Lighting feature is available on the iPhone 8 in the form of a beta. It is highly likely that the feature will be improved in the forthcoming updates of iOS 11. Moreover, it could potentially arrive with iOS 11.1 update which is currently in the beta phase. This is the same approach that the company went with last year on the iPhone 7 Plus. For more details on the ad, check out the video embedded below.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the new ad featuring the Portrait Lighting feature? Do you think the iPhone 8's camera is a major upgrade from last years? Share your views in the comments.

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