Apple’s ‘Made For Apple Watch’ Lugs Now Selling For Third Party Bands


At the recent Apple event, the company announced two new colors for the Apple Watch, Gold and Rose Gold. Along with these additives, Apple also announced a couple of new colors for the sports version Apple Watch bands and the high-end Hermés bands. The prior were made available not so long after their announcement, however the latter are now available at select Apple and Hermés retail outlets and cannot be ordered online.

With that notion, Apple also started to sell its 'Made for Apple Watch' lugs which would be sold to third party bands. The distribution has been made possible by the authorized Avnet distributor. The lugs are specialized to be used by third party bands alone. Third party Apple Watch band manufacturers will adhere to Apple's guidelines for the design.

Let's see some more details about the 'Made for Apple Watch' lugs.

Apple Starts Selling 'Made For Apple' Lugs For Third Party Bands

The lugs are designed in a stainless steel metal finish with 'Made for Apple Watch' etched in with laser for authenticity purposes. Both of the lugs, 38mm and 42mm are available for purchase for third party bands and compatible with all Apple Watch models including the Apple Watch Edition. However, as we speak, publication does not have any specification of availability for the Space Black, Space Gray, Gold and Rose Gold lugs. This means that the aforementioned lugs are not available for sale at this point in time.

Apple has also provided band manufacturers with Assembly guidelines that adhere to step by step instructions. This includes the specific Pentalobe screwdriver 1.1 to clench the device. The pricing details by Avnet depends on the sets of lugs sold for both 38mm and 42mm. The range of price per package set varies between $278.75 and $1,866.00. While the price range per individual set varies between $9.18 and $11.33. The Pentalobe screwdriver 1.1 is also sold separately for $12.65, which is required in the assembly process.

Moreover, Avnet speculates 2 weeks between the initiation and completion of shipments for all set of lugs along with the Pentalobe screwdriver 1.1. To complete the ordering process, bands manufacturers must open a commercial account with Avnet. Avnet's customer service will respond to any requests in between 24-48 business hours.

Apple has been keen to upgrade its wearable in a short span of time after its launch. After several color releases and new finishes for the Apple Watch, Apple has released the 'Made for Apple Watch' lugs so third party band manufacturers can design their own considering the company's guidelines. This is it for now, folks. Let us know in the comments how you guys like the idea of third party watch bands for the Apple Watch.