Apple’s Free iOS App Of The Week Is ‘Combo Quest’ ($0.99 Regular)


Staying true to its weekly tradition of putting up a premium app or game for grabs, Apple has revealed its free 'App of the Week,' and this week's honor goes to a title called 'Combo Quest.'


Every Thursday Apple flips the switch from its end, and makes available a premium priced app or game absolutely free for one whole week. And this time around, it's the turn for RPG game Combo Quest to grace the free treatment, which is available to download for a price of $0.99 on a regular day.

According to the description from the App Store:

Combo Quest is an epic, time tap role-playing adventure. In this unique masterpiece, you are a knight on a heroic quest to retrieve the elusive Combo Crown. It is up to you, and you alone, to reclaim that which was unjustly taken by a mischievous dragon.

Combo Quest features great looking 8-bit style graphics and is topped off with fun gameplay action. And as we mentioned above, it's a RPG title, and during your journey to retrieve the Combo Crown, you'll come across different sorts of enemies, and of course, a 'troublesome dragon.' Fighting off a dragon should be reason enough to download the game itself, but still, we all have our reasons.


As you progress more in the game, the difficulty obviously takes a stride in the forward direction. And rather than laying down everything about the game here, we highly recommend that users go ahead and download the title straight from the App Store before it comes back to its regular price of $0.99. At just a dollar, the title is already quite cheap, but nothing beats a freebie in any circumstance!

You can grab Combo Quest either directly by launching the App Store on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. Or you can simply tap on this link to go straight to the download page. We suggest taking the 'tap on the link' route, as it will save you a bit of trouble.


Combo Quest is a universal title for iOS devices, which means that it will run on any screen size without any sort of problems. In other words: download it once and play it on all of your devices without worrying about a thing.

If you do happen to download Combo Quest onto your device, then be sure to let us know in the comments section what you think about the title.