Apple’s Free App Of The Week Is ‘rop’ ($0.99 Regular)


Apple has revealed its free 'App of the Week,' and the honor goes to a wonderfully designed puzzler called 'rop.' More details on the title and download link can be found right here.


Every week, Apple gives away a premium paid app or game for free to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch users. The title is handpicked by Apple itself and is made available for one whole week. Once you download the free, otherwise paid title, onto your device, you will continue to receive updates for the piece of software until or unless the developer behind it decides to retire their app or game altogether. This week, Apple has put up a wonderful puzzler called rop up for grabs, and it's an insanely fun title especially if you're into mind twisting games.

From the App Store:

Give your brain a workout with this smart, superbly satisfying spatial puzzler. You’ll need sharp wits and nimble fingers to arrange overlapping bands on a hexagonal grid and match increasingly complex shapes. Packed with clever variety, rubbery physics, and a learning curve that feels just right, Rop is an instantly accessible challenge you’ll want to pick up again and again.

While there are a ton of great apps and games available over at the App Store, but only a handful of them manage to spark interest among users, and it's safe to say that 'rop' if one of them. To top things off, rop features absolutely minimal graphics and ensures that things are easy on your eyes. Furthermore, the gameplay is crafted in such a way that you keep coming back for more.

Like we mentioned above, rop costs $0.99 on a regular day, but for one whole week, courtesy Apple, you can download the title for a brilliant price of FREE. We suggest that you head over to the App Store right away to download the title before it returns to its original price. If you're feeling too lazy, then simply tap on this link to download the title straight away.


Lastly, keep in mind that the game is designed for both the iPhone and iPad, meaning that it will work across all of your devices with different screen sizes. We really wish all apps and games followed this pattern, but it's great to see that the creators behind rop hasn't overlooked such a thing and has made the title universal.

Did you download rop on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch? Be sure to let us know your opinion about it.