Apple’s Free App of the Week is an Epic Sketching App – $4.99 Value

Tayasui Sketches Pro

Apple's new free App of the Week has surfaced on iOS App Store, and it's a wonderful sketching app that supports layers, powerful tools and more.

Apple Free App of the Week is Tayasui Sketches Pro - Download it Today

Thanks to hard work of developers, we have a barrage of wonderful apps these days on our mobile devices that allow us to create sketches and doodles on the go. While some of them are absolutely simple and get the point across in a swift manner, some are advanced in many ways, almost bridging the gap between mobile and desktop in certain areas. When you pick up an app like Tayasui Sketches Pro, you'll realize what I was trying to say here. It allows artists to work in layers, like you would in Photoshop on a desktop level. But that's not just it, it's easy to use as well. This means anyone with little too no knowledge regarding such software can breeze through at utmost ease. Sadly though, if you want to experience such an app, you have to pony up a few dollars. Tayasui Sketches Pro doesn't come free either. It commands a price tag of $4.99. Luckily for us, courtesy of Apple, you can download the app absolutely free for one whole week, saving you five bucks in the process.

From the App Store:

Sketches Pro? It’s just like the Tayasui Sketches app we’re so enamored with… except it comes with layers, extra tools, and all sorts of expert features. If you’re a serious artist—or a longtime doodler like us—you can’t do better than Tayasui.


Apart from having an easy to understand interface, the app is packed with a lot of tools for that precise stroke. To put things into perspective - users have the option of utilizing 20 tools in total. And like any other 'pro' app, this one allows you to edit your brushes as well, so you can rest assured your image will turn out to be a masterpiece every single time you pick up your iPhone or iPad.

Speaking of which, the app is supported natively on both iPhone and iPad, so you do not have to worry about upscaling whatsoever. Just install it on any device you have and you are good to go.

Tap on the link below to download the app straight onto your device. Make sure you exercise haste, as the app is free for only a week, after which it will regain its paid status.

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