Apple’s Free App of the Week: Lily Playful Music Creation – Download Link


Apple's Free App of the Week for the next few days has been revealed. The app is called Lily Playful Music Creation, and here are all the details about it.

Lily Playful Music Creation Picked as Apple's Free App of the Week - Regular Price $1.99

Released back in August of 2016, the Lily Playful Music Creation app is seeing its first ever discount since its inception. That too straight to the free level.

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As the name of the app implies, you can utilize this fun little piece of software to muster up music in a very creative way. There are several ways of doing so as well, which you can master in a short period of time, thanks to the simplicity of the app.

Perhaps the most fun part about the app is that it's tailored to suit people of all ages, and allows you to create looping music on the fly.

Create music with Lily, a playful musical experience for people of all ages and musical abilities.

Compose a looping melody with each lily and build up interesting harmonies and melodic patterns.

Explore polyrhythm by composing looping melodies of different lengths and tempo to create complex musical patterns.

Save your compositions and switch seamlessly between them to chain multiple patterns together.

Record and share your creations to YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook with Everyplay.

Given this is Apple's Free App of the Week, therefore it will retain its free status for one full week, before being replaced by something else. So, I would highly recommend giving this is a download right now, if you wish to save a couple of bucks on a premium app.

The app requires at least iOS 8 or above installed on a device otherwise it won't work. Furthermore, the software is design to work seamlessly on both iPhone and iPad, therefore you do not have to worry about UI scaling issues at all. Just install and you ready to go.

In case you're wondering what you can expect from the app, then check out the video below. I'm pretty sure you will get the hang of it, and won't be disappointed at all.