Apple’s App Of The Week, Day One 2.0 Available For Free Through The Apple Store App

Ali Salman

The App Store was refreshed recently and right on the cue, Apple unveiled its Free App of the Week: Motorsport Manager. Until next Thursday, the app is available for free on the iPhone and iPad. Motorsport Manager was released in August 2014 by Christian West and its arguably one of the best simulation for racing. originally, the app costs a good $1.99. So, if you're willing to save some extra bucks, be sure to download it from the App Store this week.


Motorsport Manager And Day One 2.0 Are Available For Free

Motorsport  Manager provides an immersive experience for all racing fans, enabling you to hire drivers for your team and create your own cars. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to invest in advanced racing technology which will allow you to get that perfect lap.

Before you watch the race in real time, you will first have to frame your own perfect pitstop strategy. For any inconvenient changes that might prevail during the game, such as weather alterations, safety car periods and crashes, you can always jump into the strategy screen at anytime. There's a lot more that the app offers, if you're interested, navigate to the App Store and download it right away. You also check out the video below for more details.

Apart from the company's free app of the week, there is another app available for free through the Apple Store app. Day One 2.0 is a popular journaling app for iOS, which you can download for free through the Apple Store app. Originally, the app has been listed with a price of $4.99 on the iOS App Store. So, if you're into journaling, Day One 2.0 is the app for you.

Day One 2.0 is a successor to the original Day One app, that brags a bevy of new features and also includes 3D Touch support, and much more. It's a must have app for people who're fond of writing their daily diary or a journal. Even if you don't, the app is designed proficiently that might compel you to do so. So, while it is free, be sure to get it through the Apple Store app.

Day One 2.0

To download the Day One 2.0 app, open the Apple Store app on your iOS device and tap on the 'Featured' tab. Scroll down until you see the logo under the ''Pick up at an Apple Store today'' header. Tap on it and then tap the green banner that says, ''Download now for free''. Once you do that you will be redirected to the App Store. Enter password if it is prompted and a redemption form will be automatically filled with your unique code. to complete the process, tap on ''Redeem'' to complete the process. Day One 2.0 will start downloading automatically.

This is it for now, folks. Be sure to download both apps if you're interested. As for now, what do you guys think about these apps? Will you be giving them a swirl? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Download Motorsport Manager For iOS

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