AppleCare+ for iPhone X: Why Is It Better to Pay $199 for This Warranty Service?


By now, you’ve heard about Apple’s AppleCare+ warranty program for the iPhone X and how much it will cost to either get screen repairs done or get other parts of the phone serviced. Here, we breakdown the math and explain to you why is it important that you opt to pay $199 for this warranty program for a device that is as delicate as it is expensive.

If You Don’t Choose AppleCare+ for iPhone X, You Could Be Paying $549 in Damages for Your New Smartphone

Apple is currently charging two forms of services for the iPhone X.

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  • Screen repairs without AppleCare+: $279
  • Phone repairs not associated with the screen and without AppleCare+: $579

Now suppose if you do opt for AppleCare+ here are the services that you will be entitled to.

  • Screen repairs with AppleCare+: $199 +$29 for service: $228
  • Phone repairs with AppleCare+: $199 + $99 for service: $298

Opting for AppleCare+ will actually charge you far less. Considering that the iPhone X features a glass black to allow support for wireless charging plus an edge-to-edge glass that touts a minimum percentage of bezels, you have got yourself a very delicate smartphone from both the front and backside. This design might look exceptional but it also leaves the iPhone X open to damages from all four sides.

Some could say that Apple is cashing on the opportunity to drive a higher revenue stream but looking at the price of base model of iPhone X, which stands at $999, it could be considered warranted. Apple is already paying Samsung a hefty sum for incorporating OLED screens on the smartphone, so part of why screen repairs is already expensive is because each component is costing Apple a handsome amount.

It is possible that the iPhone family incoming in 2018 could end up being a less expensive lineup than the $999 priced handset, but if you want the best of the best, you will have to cough up some serious amounts of cash for now.

Do you still think that Apple is charging a small fortune just to have screen and other repairs done on the iPhone X? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.