Apple Watch Series 6 Features to Include Touch ID, Sleep Tracking, Along With Wi-Fi 6 Support

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Apple Watch Series 6 Features to Include Touch ID, Sleep Tracker, Along With Wi-Fi 6 Support

There haven’t been many rumors talking about some of those unique Apple Watch Series 6 features but it looks like we might have stumbled onto something juicy here. According to the Israeli website The Verifier, ‘senior sources’ claim that Touch ID is expected to be part of the upcoming wearable, along with other valuable additions. It is rather strange hearing about the prospect of Touch ID popping up on a future Apple device, but if it can show up for the upcoming iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus, then why not the Apple Watch Series 6?

Broader LTE Support and a Bigger Battery Also Said to Be Part of the Apple Watch Series 6 Features Set

Though Touch ID has been mentioned, it’s not stated how it would be implemented on the Apple Watch Series 6. To remind you, Apple’s wrist-mounted wearables can be unlocked using a PIN, and they automatically unlock when the iPhone they’re paired to gets unlocked. It should be noted that including Touch ID in the Apple Watch Series 6 should negate the need for a PIN, making it much easier to unlock the device.

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Other Apple Watch Series 6 features could include wider support for LTE, a bigger battery, as well as a faster Wi-Fi 6 chip. Additions like Sleep Tracking and a blood oxygen sensor are said to be included as well. For those that don’t know, in our previous report, we detailed that blood oxygen levels that are between 95 and 100 percent are considered healthy, while anything below 80 percent can result in degraded heart and brain functionality. The Apple Watch Series 6 could notify the wearer when blood oxygen metrics are reaching dangerous levels.

As for Sleep Tracking, it’s a feature that’s been mentioned before in recent months. The feature would provide data to the wearer related to their sleeping habits, allowing them to adjust them accordingly. There’s also information related to watchOS 7, so let us find out about those details, shall we.

What watchOS 7 Features Were Detailed in the Report?

The Verifier reports that watchOS 7 will be compatible with the ‌Apple Watch‌ Series 3 and later, meaning that support for the Apple Watch Series 2 will be dropped, along with previous-generation models. As for the Apple Watch Series 6 launch, it’s expected that the new model will arrive during the iPhone 12 keynote, which like last time, will be held in September later this year.

We should also warn you that The Verifier isn’t a significant source for Apple-related news as there have been previous reports that didn’t materialize. With that being said, treat this information with a dose of skepticism and we’ll be back with more updates in the near future.

News Source: The Verifier

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