Apple Watch Series 3 Might Need a Brand New Form Factor to Accommodate New Modem and Upgrades

Omar Sohail
Apple Watch Series 3 new form factor

With LTE connectivity rumored to be the new addition in the Apple Watch Series 3 along with a bunch of other upgrades, there are numerous things that Apple will have to work on to allow such a feature in the company’s upcoming wearable. According to a new rumor, it appears that the form factor of the wearable will have to be changed up, meaning that looking at 38 and 42mm models might not be a possibility any longer.

New Form Factor for Apple Watch Series 3 Could Be Used to Introduce microLED Upgrade Coupled With LTE Modem and Bigger Battery Capacity - Size Variants Not Yet Detailed

Right now, Apple requires that its smartwatch is linked wirelessly to a smartphone in order to receive a bulk of notifications, but it looks like with the release of the Apple Watch Series 3, tethering an iPhone to the wearable will no longer be required. However, what will it take to incorporate the functionality of LTE connectivity coupled with other ‘under the hood’ requirements? Well, according to people close to this information, the change up in form factor is going to be necessary.

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‘Form Factor’ is currently a very ambiguous term since it does not detail what exactly will change with the new wearable. Is it related to the 38 and 42mm size models, or the overall thickness or just the very shape of the gadget? Looks like we will get to know about this in the near future but we feel that with the accommodation of several components inside a very small and closed space might require Apple to increase the thickness by a small margin.

Of course, we’re expecting a larger battery capacity so that might contribute to the overall thickness but with a microLED display in play, it looks like the Apple Watch Series 3 is going to be more energy efficient and the attribute of the microLED panel itself means that the company can afford to reduce the thickness by an itsy amount.

What sort of form factor are you expecting with the release of the Apple Watch Series 3? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments.

News Source: Daringfireball

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