Apple Watch Series 3 Expected to Ship Later This Year – Might Use Different Display Tech


The Apple Watch Series 2 came with significant improvements over its predecessor and its looks like according to the new rumor, Apple Watch Series 3 is expected to be a touch above the rest, assuming the following information turns out to be true.

New Apple Watch Series 3 Could Feature a Glass-Film Solution Instead of a Glass-on-Glass Solution

According to sources close to the matter, it looks like Apple Watch Series 3 could feature a glass-film solution instead of the material that was being supplied by TPK Holding. DigiTimes reports the following in the statement below:

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“TPK Holding has been a supplier of G/G (2 pieces of glass) touch panels for use in Apple Watch for two years, but since Apple adopted TOL (touch on lens) for second-generation Apple Watch in 2016, TPK has been unable to hike yield rates for TOL touch panels to a reasonable level and is, therefore, mulling stopping production for the Apple wearable devices, according to industry sources.”

Shipments of the new wearable are expected to take place in the latter half of this year, and reports are claiming that Apple could announce the Series 3 wearable during the third quarter of 2017. It has not been confirmed if the wearable is going to be announced at the same event as the iPhone 8, but we’ll update you in the near future. From what we can tell, Apple Watch Series 3 is expected to be better than its predecessor in terms of battery life.

However, we could also be looking at other upgrades ranging from on always-on display to a cellular modem. The reason why the Apple Watch Series 2 didn’t feature this chip was because it would result in negative ramifications for the battery life, so let us hope that the hardware present in the smartwatches consumes less energy in order for the manufacturer to get more freedom and install a cellular modem.

Will you be waiting for the Apple Watch Series 3 wearable down the road? Let us know your thoughts right away.