Apple Watch Pricing: Gold Edition To Cost A Staggering $1200

Apart from the iPhone 6, Apple also announced the Apple Watch at Tuesday's keynote. A device that had long been rumored to be under the works at Cupertino, the Apple Watch came in three editions, not one. Out of the three, the one that captured the most attention was an 18 carat gold alloy version, dubbed as the Apple Watch Edition uses gold allow which the company claims is twice as hard as regular gold.

Apple Watch Edition Might Cost Around $ 1200 - Claim Several Jewelers

The pricing of the Apple Watch Edition is based on estimates of several jewelers. TechCrunch is reporting that the device, if made out of gold could run a price of up to $1200 when released next year. The estimate is based on size and weight of the device.

It is also being suggested by the same jeweler that it would be in Apple's best interests to manufacture the device from solid gold alloy. Chad Rickicki a jeweler based in Pennsylvania offered some insight at the potential costs Apple could have incurred when manufacturing the Apple Watch Edition.

According to Mr. Rickicki, the case of the Apple Watch Edition would cost around $600 to Cupertino to manufacture. This is based on the size and shape of the item. This $600 coupled with further costs on the device's components could very well mean a price range above $1000.

If true, and the Apple Watch Edition is really made out of solid gold, then it would suggest that Apple is broadening the scope of it's devices and pushing itself more into the luxury and high end segment of the market. All will be clear by next year anyways.


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