Apple Watch Models Available For The Lowest Price Ever – Find Out How


The successor of Apple Watch will take a while to release, and while it is disappointing to know that you will have to wait for a newer and improved version of the wearable, you can enjoy these deals of owning Apple’s first ever smartwatch at a discounted price.

Apple Watch 2

Apple Watch Deals Prices The Wearable For As Low As $249 – Here Is How You Can Get One For Yourself?

Currently, Best Buy is feeling extremely generous and feels that a lot more smartphone users (at least those who use an iPhone) should be allowed to own the Cupertino tech giant’s first ever wearable so it has proposed the following discount. The Apple Watch deal allows you to purchase any Apple Watch Sport or Apple Watch model for a $100 less than its original retail price.

Apple Watch Models Available For The Lowest Price Ever – Find Out How

In short, there are about 20 different watch configurations to choose from, which is even better in case you happen to be extremely picky about which color combination you want to get. That being said, the smaller 38mm Sport models carry a price of just $249 (free shipping), while the 42mm models carry a price of $299 (free shipping). As for the specifications and features that are incorporated inside the wearable, Apple Watch comprises up of Apple’s own developed S1 SoC, and features 8GB of internal storage.

A portion of that 8GB internal storage is obviously going to be used up by watchOS, but you will still have sufficient space to store up to 2GB worth of music and 75MB of images, which also depend on their overall resolution. There is a Bluetooth 4.0 LE module present, as well as an 802.11n Wi-Fi adapter that is only compatible with a single band. According to specification details, here is how many hours you can rake from Apple Watch.

  • 18 hours
  • 3 hours talk time
  • 5 hours audio playback
  • 5 hours workout use
  • 48 hours’ time check
  • 72 hours power reserve (time only)


As for inductive charging time, Apple Watch will charge to 80 percent in about 1.5 hours, and in order to reach to a 100 percent of its battery, it will need 2.5 hours in total. After looking at all the hardware details and the deals that Best Buy has presented for you, do you guys think that the wearable is a great purchase right now? Let us know your thoughts right away.