Apple Launches Hermēs Watch Collection, Starts At $1,100

Uzair Ghani

Apple has officially launched the Hermēs Watch collection, and the special stainless steel model of Cupertino's wearable starts at $1,100 and is available to buy from select Apple Stores.

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Technology Meets Modern Fashion - Hermēs Watch Collection Now Available To Buy

Originally announced at its big 'Hey Siri' event last month, Apple revealed that it had partnered with French fashion company Hermēs to bring a range of Apple Watch steel models with custom leather straps to the masses. Today, Apple has announced that the new collection is available to buy from different locations around the world, and that the wearable comes with an exclusive Hermēs branding, topped off custom watch faces.

The Single Tour - Starting At $1,100

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Starting at a price of $1,100, the Single Tour is available in both the 38 and 42mm models. The Single Tour is available in Noir, Fauvre and Cupucine color options.

The Double Tour - $1,250

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Unlike the Single Tour model, the Double Tour wraps around the wrist twice, all thanks to its lengthy leather band. Also keep in mind that the Double Tour is available in just the 38mm option, and is available in Etain, Fauve, Capucine and Bleu Jean color options.

The Cuff - $1,500

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Available in just one option, that too in brown and in the 42mm case size, the Cuff is bulky to say the least and we're quite certain that it would be a mighty hit if you're into that sort of fashion.

Hermēs Watch Collection - Where To Buy?

Like we mentioned above, the Hermēs Watch Collection will be available in select Apple Stores around the world (and a handful of high-end fashion based retailers.) And here's the complete list of the Apple Stores that will be stocking the Hermēs Watch Collection, as per Apple:

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Given that Apple already has the Apple Watch Edition in the market, that commands an extremely high price tag, it's great to see that it's striking partnerships with other big name fashion brands as well in order to bring more variety to the users in terms of fashion without them having to break their bank accounts completely.

While the Hermēs Watch Collection might not be for everyone, but we're certain that leather enthusiasts will get a lot of kick out of them, and those who take their fashion way too seriously than others. Are you one of those people?

Will you be going for the Hermēs Watch Collection? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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