Apple Watch Hermès Series 2 Models Officially Available Today


Apple announced its Apple Watch Hermès Series 2 on September 7 that went on pre-order basis last week. The Series 2 is now officially available for purchase at both, in stores and online. Let's dive in to see some more details on the design, prices and availability of the Apple Watch Hermès Series 2.

Apple Watch Hermès Series 2 Launched In Seven Variants

The iPhone-maker offers seven different variants of the Hermès models. The Hermès models are designed with handcrafted leather that includes one with a Single Tour Deployment Buckle, two with Double Tour bands, three with Single Tour bands and one with Double Buckle Cuff. The prices of the variants range from $1,149 to $1.499 in the United states.

The Apple Watch Hermès Series 2 is the heir to last year's Apple Watch Hermès lineup, which was released in October 2015. The custom watch face of the Apple Watch Hermès Series 2 remains the same along with the original Apple Watch models. The only thing that is a subject to change is the watch bands, that now comes in a few more styles for your pleasure.

If you're looking to purchase the Apple Watch Hermès Series 2, it is available through Apple's website in many countries, so do look it up. However, in store availability of the Apple Watch Hermès Series 2 is limited to a selected number of Apple Stores andHermès locations in Chicago, Boston, Honolulu, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, San Fransisco, Portland, Toronto, Washington D.C and Seattle.


The Apple Watch Series to was announced this month on the 7th, featuring some internal hardware design changes along with other changes. While the company's wearable has not seen a major design change, it looks identical to the previous version. However, there was two new variants of the Apple Watch Series 2 introduced as well, the one with a ceramic body and the Apple Watch Nike Plus.

Other than this, the Apple Watch Series 2 was launched with a faster dual-core processor, water resistance up to 50 meters, a built-in GPS and much more. The Apple Watch Series 2 is a refined version of last year's Apple Watch, eliminating the dependency on an iPhone to a greater extent. The Apple Watch was a capable device and its second generation just makes things even faster. Moreover, it ships with the company's watchOS 3 that carries a handful of tweaks and tips up its sleeves.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the Apple Watch Series 2? Would you prefer to buy an Apple Watch Hermès Series 2 over the standard version? Share your thoughts in the comments.