Apple Watch Hermès Bands To Be Sold Individually In New Colors On April 19

Ali Salman

On March 21 at the iPhone SE event, Apple announced new Apple Watch bands. Today, the company has introduced new colors options for the Hermès straps. Moreover, the company has also planned to sell the Apple Watch Hermès bands separately that can be used with any Apple Watch. So existing Apple Watch users can purchase the Hermès watch bands separately instead of buying a brand new Apple Watch with a Hermès band.

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New Apple Watch Hermès Bands Color To Hit The Shelves On April 19

The expansion to the Apple Watch Hermès bands narrows down to four new colors and later this month, you will be able to buy them separately that goes with your specific Apple Watch. The french fashion house has made four different color of the watch band, bringing peacock and sapphire blue, orange and white to the existing Fauve collection, Bleu Jeans and Capucine.

This is the first time the Hermès bands will be sold individually and not with a watch. The prices and availability varies depending on the model of your Apple Watch. To be sure, not all colors of the Hermès bands will be available for both sizes. For the Singe Tour band, Apple is charging $340 for both models of the Apple Watch. The 42mm Apple Watch Hermès band will be available in deer brown, black, fire orange and sapphire blue. The 38mm Apple Watch Hermès bands will also include peacock blue and white bands.

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The Double Tour is limited to the 38mm Apple Watch models, which are priced at $490. The Double tour is available in both, long straps and regular lengths. The long length is available in deer brown, while the regular lengths includes peacock blue, sapphire blue, white, tin gray, deer brown and fire orange. The Hermès Cuff is limited to the 42mm Apple Watch and will be available for $690 in deer brown.


If you're willing to get one of these, the bands will be available at Hermès outlets and Apple Stores from April 19. For more information, you can also visit Apple's updated website. All in all, the expansion of Hermès bands collection adds a premium style to the outfit. Moreover, the wide range of color availability showcases more vibrant colors other than the standard brown. Last month, Apple also introduced a Space Black Milanese Loop and a set of Nylon bands. You can expect the latest Hermès collection to join them later this month.

This is it for now, folks. Do you have an existing Hermès band? Would you be willing to get a new on once they arrive? Let us know in the comments.


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