Apple Watch Coming Spring Next Year According To Senior VP Retail

Ramish Zafar

Even though Apple formally introduced the Apple Watch this September, we've been looking for concrete information about its availability ever since. The device is to come in three variations, the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and the gold Apple Watch Edition. Now thanks to 9to5Mac, we might have some solid info about the device's availability in the market.

watch_spring_9to5mac-600x199Apple Watch Coming In Spring 2015 According To Senior VP Retail And Online Stores.

Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Stores, Angel Ahrendts at Apple recently sent a video message to employes which also contains details about Cupertino's first smartwatch. A copy of the written transcript of the message can be seen above. Looks like the message is for employes of Apple's retail stores, since the company has been rumored to be looking into instructing employees to make customer experience a top priority when it comes to the Apple Watch.

What this means is that Apple will be instructing employees to personally aid customers on how to use, wear and interact with the Apple Watch.  And the message above ends up adding further credibility to these reports. Special focus is to be paid towards customer satisfaction and experience when it comes to Apple Watch so that they 'will walk away feeling very different, very positive' than before.

Apple's special focus on the Apple Watch does not seem to be focused on the device's design and specifications only it seems like. The delay in its launch might be due to battery life and charging issues according to some industry sources. Allegedly, Apple is having trouble with MagSafe charging on the Apple Watch, which isn't charging the gadget as fast as the company would hope it to. Whatever the case might be, lets hope Apple resolves these issues quickly since we all know how fast things tend to move in today's world. Stay tuned, we'll keep you updated.

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