How to Check Remaining Memory Capacity of Your Apple Watch


Here's a complete guide on how to check remaining memory capacity of your Apple Watch in a few easy steps.

Apple Watch Has 8GB of Internet Storage, But You'll Run Out of Space Quickly if You Don't Manage it

The Apple Watch is a small computer in its own right. It packs a small processor, a decent amount of RAM as well as internal storage to keep your data in. This also means that when you start using your Apple Watch more and more, you will essentially run out of that storage space, and it's best to keep everything in check before you burn out completely in a short period of time.

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For those who don't know, regardless of which Apple Watch model you buy, the wearable comes with 8GB of internal storage space as standard. That might sound like a lot for a lot of people, but the story gets a little brisk when you realize that less than 6GB of that available storage can be used by you if you are currently on the latest version of watchOS. What's more important to know is that the Apple Watch allows you to store a limited amount of songs and photos on your device, so you have to picky in certain cases what goes on and what doesn't.

Nonetheless, here's how you can check the available and remaining storage on your Apple Watch.


1. Press on the Digital Crown and go to your Apple Watch's home screen.

2. Now open the Settings app.

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3. Scroll down a little if you have to, then select General.

4. Select About.

5. Just a few rows down you'll see the amount of storage that is available to you as well as the overall capacity that can be utilized. There's other useful information here too, such as the number of songs you have on your Apple Watch, the version of watchOS you are currently running etc.

If you so wish, you can check the above data using your iPhone as well. Simply launch the Watch app, then navigate to General > About. Over here everything is laid out in plain text.