Apple Watch Is Coming To Best Buy Retail Stores On August 7

Uzair Ghani

In an official press release, Best Buy has revealed that it will begin selling the Apple Watch from August 7 in more than 100 retail stores in the United States. Currently, the Apple Watch is available to buy directly from Apple, either from its online store, or one of its brick and mortar retail stores.

Apple Watch

After a long and excruciating wait of a few months, the Apple Watch went up for pre-order on April 10th, with the wearable officially going on sale in a select few countries shortly after. But initially, Cupertino's new wearable was available for online ordering only, with the device now available for walk-in purchase as well. But up till now, the only way to get your hands on Apple's first ever wearable was by knocking on Cupertino's doorstep, and third-party resellers were out of the action. But starting August 7th, Best Buy will begin selling the Apple Watch in more than 100 stores across different locations in the United States.

Best Buy also notes in its press release that it will sell the Apple Watch in more than 200 retail locations for the upcoming holiday season, so you can rest assured that you can pick the device up just in time to place it under that oh so important Christmas tree.

The official press release by Best Buy clarifies that the retail giant will be putting up the Sport and steel variants of the Apple Watch up for sale, in both 38 and 42mm flavors. And in case you're wondering, Best Buy won't be stocking the more premium, $10,000+ Apple Watch Edition in its stores. It's clear that Apple wants to push its more expensive gold laden wearable lineup through exclusive channels rather than your ordinary retail store, so don't expect to walk right into a Best Buy store any time soon thinking to leave with an Apple Watch Edition on your wrist.

It's also made clear in the press release that Best Buy will be stocking 16 models of the Apple Watch, and apart from that, will be offering 50 different accessories to choose from, with different bands, docks, screen protectors and more being the order of the day. Hence you can rest easy that Best Buy will have you covered if you do decide to make the purchase through the retail giant instead of Apple itself.

The Apple Watch will also be available to buy online from Best Buy, apart from a physical retail store. Cupertino's new wearable is currently available to buy in 19 different countries worldwide, with more regions to follow soon in the coming months.

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